BIS is designed to prepare its students for a very successful adult life. While outstanding academic results are important to achieve, equally important in today's competitive world are the qualities of leadership, self-reliance, self-discipline and perseverance. These are behavioural qualities which are developed from interactions with peers, teachers, parents and persons both inside and outside the school. The facilities provided in BIS are aimed at achieving academic excellence and behavioural qualities so essential for success in the real world.




An overall view of the School grounds when completed –


  • Administrative Building
  • Primary School Building
  • Canteen
  • Pool House, training pool and an 8-lane short course [25m] pool
  • Secondary School Building
  • Purpose built classrooms, Science Labs, IT Labs, Library
  • School field at 1.7 acres for a variety of sporting activities
  • Sports Multipurpose Hall which will house an indoor basketball court marked to also include badminton courts as well host school functions and events