Fee Structure
The BIS fee structure will be indexed against the fee structure currently used in the elc group of schools in West Malaysia. The amounts stated are payable per Term and there are 3 terms per academic year.


The 2017-2019 term fees for Reception to Year 11 are displayed in the table below –



Note: Year 11 is the final year at BIS - take note that all 3 terms are chargeable and this is not negotiable.


Additional Fees


Application Fee


An Application Fee of MYR500 per child is applicable with each application submitted. This fee is a not refundable regardless of the outcome or withdrawal of the application and is applicable to all levels.


Admission Fee


An Admissions Fee of MYR$8,000 per family is required to be paid once the student has been offered an official placement at BIS. The Admissions Fee is non-refundable and is only applicable from Year 1 and above.




The Deposit Fee is the equivalent of one term's fee and this is paid at the point of admission. The Deposit held by the School is subject to an annual top-up to keep it in line with the students' term fee. It is applicable to all levels.


The Deposit is refundable in full one week after the close of the student's final term with BIS provided that:


• all outstanding fees due to and all claims by the School have been settled in full, and
• not less than 6 weeks term time (excluding school holiday time) notice is given in writing prior to the student's last day in term


Re-Admission Fee


For families seeking to return to BIS with an absence of not more than 18 months from the last recorded school day will be required to pay a readmission fee of MYR$3,000 per family. This fee is not refundable.


For families seeking to return to BIS where their absence has been longer than 18 months will be required to pay the full Admissions Fee of MYR$8,000 per family. This fee is not refundable.


• BIS does not practice annual fee increases. School Fees are reviewed and increased every 2 to 3 years.
• A full basic term fee will be charged to the eldest child of a family and a 5% discount on the basic term fee will be given to each subsequent sibling.
• School fees must be settled by the due date indicated on the invoice. Late payments, regardless of reason, will be subject to a 10% penalty fee on the basic term fee.


Other Fees


School Uniform


All students are required to wear the official full school uniform to school. They are also required to have the uniform for Physical Education [PE] and a Swimming Kit made up of the school swimsuit and swimming cap. All uniforms can be purchased at the School Shop.


School Books


All students are required to have the full complement of text and exercise books for their year of study. The booklist is available from the Admissions Department and books may be purchased directly from the School approved book supplier.


Public Exam Fees


Parents with children who are to be presented for Public Exams, such as the IGCSE Exams and/or the Cambridge Checkpoint Exams, will be required to pay for these Exams prior to formal registration with the Exam Authority. The parents will be invoiced separately.


Lower Primary Resource Fee
This fee is an annual fee charged at the start of a new academic year. The annual charge is MYR$150. Students who join BIS late into the academic year will have their Resource Fee pro-rated - Term 2: $100 and Term 3: $50. This resource fee will cover specific materials and teaching resources required for effective learning in the Lower Primary Curriculum.


Extra-Curricular Activities [ECA]


Extra-Curricular Activities normally involve external providers. The fees charged for ECA's are paid directly to the external providers/instructors and not to the School unless otherwise advised too.