Primary Division
The Primary Division will cover Reception and Key Stages 1 and 2 for Years 1 to 6.


Learning is however not something that should be limited to the classroom and textbooks, so the school timetable will reflect a balance of academic learning alongside non-academic development. The core subjects of English Language, Mathematics and Science form the central part of the curriculum however, learning is further broadened by the inclusion of history, geography, computer science, second languages, art & design, music, performing arts and physical education.


* Agama (Malaysian Muslims only)


BIS places great importance on the learning of a second language and students will be required to study 2 foreign languages which will be spread over beginner, intermediate and advanced group levels. In accordance with the Malaysian Ministry of Education, all Malaysian nationals will be required to take Bahasa Malaysia as one of their second languages however; they will be able to pursue another second language such as Mandarin. Expatriate students will be able to choose 2 second languages from the second languages made available to them. The second language programmes officially begins in Year 4.


Apart from the academic life at BIS, built into the school week are activities that help students to develop their self-esteem, confidence and discipline. Students need to develop an awareness of their surroundings, the problems they may face or see and the skills to cope and overcome. Activities ranging from extra-curricular activities (ECAs), uniformed bodies, volunteer work and community based projects will all be a part of the school programme.