Schools need to have appropriate security measures in place to protect school property and ensure a safe and secure environment for staff and students. A variety of approaches are needed for implementation of effective security. Security breaches and associated vandalism, arson and theft in schools severely disrupts the normal daily routine of schools and often results in the loss of valuable and irreplaceable personal resources, teaching materials and students' work. Security breaches involving individuals with no valid reason for being on the premises can affect and severely disrupt student's effective learning.


Families who join BIS will be required to get Security Passes for your family members, drivers and maids. These passes must be worn at all times. If you or a family representative is found on the school premises without their security tag, they will be escorted to the School Office to explain the purpose of their visit and to formally register their presence in the Visitor's Log Book and provide proof of identity.


All cars driven onto school premises should have a current BIS car sticker displayed on the windscreen. If the car does not have a BIS car sticker, the car will not be able to enter the school premises. The car will have to park outside of the school premises or at a designated spot indicated by School Security. The car occupant(s) will have to walk-in to the School Security Gate Guard House, sign the Visitor's Log Book, provide proof of identity and will then be escorted to the School Administration Office.


Bodyguards will not be allowed to remain on the school premises when school is in sessions. Individuals who have no valid reason to be on the school premises will be escorted off the school grounds. Should it be deemed necessary by the School, the Police will be called to assist with the removal of any unsanctioned visitor. The School will seek to maintain a positive working relationship with the nearest Police Station.


The school premises will –


• be securely fenced and gated
• be monitored by CCTV cameras operating 24hrs a day, 7 days a week
• be monitored by a Security Team, assisted by guard dogs operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
• have a central security/safety alarm in place


Additional features to ensure the well-being and safety of staff and students are -


• all staff – academic and non-academic – will wear ID tags at all times
• all students are not allowed to bring and use mobile phones on school premises
• all staff are not allowed to use mobile phones on school premises and when teaching
• all students will be subject to random bag searches to prevent contraband items such as weapons and/or drugs being brought into school which could endanger the lives of others
• all staff and students will be subject to random drug tests to preserve the safety of the school learning environment
• all visitors and family members/representatives (with security tags) of the students will not be able to remain or loiter on school premises once school has started unless they have a valid reason, such as a scheduled appointment with the Principal, to remain on the premises


At BIS there is no place for violence, drug-use and/or abuse, bullying and other undesirable acts as it poses a serious barrier to learning. BIS should be allowed, in a safe environment, to focus on the inculcation of values, ethics and of a just and caring school society. By having a variety of security measures in place BIS is looking to create a conducive environment for happy learning